Castles in the Lough Derg Lakelands

Tullaun Castle is a 16th century Gaelic, O’Kennedy tower house located in the townland of Lisquillibeen, Coolbawn, North Tipperary, Ireland. This majestic, four-storey tower stands on a rock outcrop in the middle of a bog and is bordered by the pretty, crystal-clear Ballycolliton River to the north. It’s in such a scenic location, surrounded by fields, woods and forestry with picturesque Lough Derg Lakelands about two kms away as the crow flies. From the top floors, the views are magnificent and the ruins of Annagh and Cashlaunteigebocht (Poor Teige’s) Castles (both former O’Kennedy strongholds) can be seen as well as the Devil’s Bit Mountain and Silvermine Mountains.

Tullaun Castle, close to the shores of the Lough Derg Lakelands, is currently being restored by Sonja and Kevin. They welcome visitors to the castle once the appointment is arranged in advance.

If you are interested in visiting Tullaun Castle they’d delighted to give you “the tour” led by chief tour guide, Tilly. The best way to arrange this is to drop them an email.

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